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Outdoor security cameras are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting what’s most important—your home, property and family.

Outdoor surveillance provides the assurance that anything and anybody approaching your property and home will be captured on video.

We’ve prepared this buyer’s guide to help homeowners navigate outdoor security camera options.

Find out what you need to know about outdoor security camera systems to make the best choice for your home and family.

How to choose an outdoor security camera system

Everybody’s home security needs are different, and when it comes to outdoor security cameras, there are two main areas where homeowners need to focus their attention.

The first is property needs and requirements, and the second is personal, or family, requirements. The two are very different, which makes this a double-faceted decision. Yet, you will likely be very pleased with how often the two intersect as you get closer to making your final choice.

Assess your property needs and requirements

When it comes to assessing the security requirements of a property, it’s pretty cut and dried. The physical aspects are not generally negotiable, so it’s a matter of paying close attention to the outer area around your home and the property it sits on as well as all structures, trees, plants, and everything else that it includes.

Take a walk around your home and property, and be prepared to take notes. It would be wise to do this with another family member as well or to have someone else walk your property separately from you so you can compare opinions and notes.

Keeping in mind all of the types and features of outdoor security cameras we’ve outlined in this guide, make note of where you think those features will help protect your outside property. Stand at your main entrance with your back to the door.

What do you see? Is there a sweeping, wide-open space that allows clear visual access? Or, more likely, do you see a walkway, possibly shaded and obscured by foliage, maybe a few large trees as your eye wanders further away? How about a garage to one side, obstructing part of your view? Or perhaps your driveway is a winding one and you can’t see the whole thing.

Take note of these and continue your walk around your home and property until this list is complete. Here are some examples of what your notes may include as well as camera solutions:

  • Front porch entry, open to walkway=Bullet camera to cover this specific area
  • Large open yard area=PTZ or wide lens camera for wider access
  • No back entry light=infrared/night vision camera
  • Long driveway=multiple cameras placed to “open” the line of sight
  • Home is on a slope, limiting view below=wireless camera for easier installation in hard to access zones
  • No streetlights near home=infrared/night vision camera
  • Heat and cold temperature extremes=weather resistant to particular highs and lows, determined by the area’s climate